I grew up in Klitmøller where the sea and small town vibes formed my youth. I moved with music to the city of smiles which formed my skills. Now I’m back in the salty airs with the love of my life and a creative urge. Tiny Riot studio is situated in the office community of Silicon VØ, Surf and Work, in Nr. Vorupør, Cold Hawaii. You are most welcome to visit this place of entrepreneurs and enthusiasts and have a look at my work and maybe bring home a piece.



The jewelry are as a rule not made in gold, as the extraction of the metal has a great negative impact on the environment. The amount of toxic substances emitted in the process can never make up for the product. In the long run I hope to be able to recycle antiques in gold, if you guys dream of such.

-Loss & Repair:

Please contact me if your jewelry gets accidentally damaged so we can figure something out.

If you e.g. lose one of your earrings, you will almost certainly be able to purchase a matching piece. However, I will ask that you return the amputated piece so that I can make the new companion as identical as possible.


Please contact me with inquiries regarding customization of any piece, whether its size or length of material, and I will do my best to accommodate your wishes. This regards both the jewelry collections and the wall art.


Metals and materials come from either certified dealers or recycled jewelry. I try my best to avoid spillage of residues and re-forge any leftovers of metal. My policy of sticking to supply and demand and not making more pieces than needed ensure that nothing is wasted and that quality and heart is put in each piece.


No piece is identical to each other and I ask you to allow small imperfections and unique features in your jewelry. You won’t get the industrialized appearance from a tiny riot.

-Wall art photography:

The photographs in the wall art collection are my own. They originate from Klitmøller and the area of Cold Hawaii but also from my trip to the west coast of the USA. They can be mixed as you like. Please contact me for special orders and requests.

Every wood piece has its own relic. Every step in the process of crafting these pieces are made by hand and the grain and natural imperfections in the wood leads to individual appearance of the finished creation.

The plywood is either recycled, when I’m lucky to find some, or certified sustainable with the least possible chemical damage done in the process.


All sterling silver will naturally tarnish or fade over time. If you want to preserve and protect your jewelry best possible, take it off when bathing, swimming and in any situation where the jewelry can be exposed to sweat or abrasion. Also keep in a dry place when stored.

However, I believe wear and tear of any beloved piece of jewellery is unavoidable if used where ever and whenever. Patina, scratches and bumps captures and tells stories. Silver is hardy and if you are of the same conviction, I therefore suggest that you don’t give it much thought in your everyday life, whether it is exposed to abrasion, bathing or surfing in the salty seas.

If you want to restore some shine to your jewelry, you can use a polishing cloth to gently rub away the tarnish.